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Footwear technology is constantly evolving, and CAT Footwear are already ahead of the game. A modern, international brand, CAT Footwear create innovative, funky shoes and boots that offer durability, protection and all the latest shoe technology. Whether you’re looking for a modern-day shoe for everyday wear, or a boot that keeps you warm and secure during a long hike, CAT have something for you.

The Caterpillar brand have a heritage that spans more than a century. Yet they are constantly striving to the future, using all the technological learnings of the past to build shoes that are equipped for the modern world. Designed for motivated, adventurous personality types, CAT values constant evolution and offers shoes that can keep up with an ever changing world around us.

What really makes this fantastic brand stand out is their trendy, colourful designs. For example, the new CAT designer Intruder Trainer features a bold colour combination of yellow, deep orange, pink, white and grey alongside pink laces and a ridged rubber white sole. Also available on the Arthur Knight website is the Caterpillar Star Iconic Ladies Trainer in black, white and yellow. This confident looking ladies shoe offers a CAT branded heel, breathable fabric and a robust black sole.

If you fancy something a little more feminine, we direct you to the peach pink leather trainer with pink laces and a CAT branded tongue. This gorgeous trainer is perfect for everyday wear and matches many outfits. We expect many more Caterpillar designs to come into our range, so keep your eye on this page for the latest styles.

Caterpillar Intruder

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CAT Footwear
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