CAT Mens Shoes

Bold, modern and innovative, the CAT men’s shoe range will have you pushing your limits and exploring unexplored territory. Crafted using the revolutionary technology of Caterpillar Inc., these outstanding, unique men’s footwear offer everything you could hope for in a day shoe. CAT Footwear have been designing and manufacturing high tech shoes for over two decades, with an overall heritage spanning over 100 years, and now have outlets all over the world. Their ethos is to capture the authentic footwear craftsmanship of the past whilst meeting the needs and demands of a modern world. Using high quality materials including rich leathers and durable rubber, CAT give each shoe a sense of style, purpose and individuality.

The Caterpillar men’s shoe range offered here at Arthur Knight is as exciting as it is diverse. If you’re looking for a funky, brightly coloured day shoe with a hardwearing sole and durable laces, you can do no better than the original men’s Caterpillar Intruder shoe in black and orange. Or, if you prefer to match a day shoe with a variety of outfits, you may opt for a more subtle colour, such as that offered by the designer chunky Intruder trainer in jet black. Whichever design you go for, whether it be bright and boisterous or clean and stylish, we can offer you a CAT men’s shoe that suits your personal tastes and preferences.

CAT Footwear

Designer Chunky Trainers for Men

CAT Mens Shoes
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