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Warm weather calls for a shoe that will let the feet breathe. Unique, stylish and perfect for summer, a croc is a variation of a boating shoe, designed to be worn without socks so that you partially show off your feet. Modelled on traditional clogs, the croc was created in 2002 by Lyndon Hanson and George Boedecker and brought to the fashion forefront in 2006 when they featured in the media and quickly became mainstream.

Crocs are typically made from a sturdy foam material, making them ideal for casual day to day wear, as well as poolside activities on holiday. The strap at the back keeps the foot in place, but the simplicity of the design makes it easy for the shoe to be slipped on and off. While crocs may look hard, they have been designed with care to provide your feet with optimal comfort and no rubbing or pinching. They’re also nice a roomy so even on a hot day, your feet will feel free and breezy.

At Arthur Knight, we are proud to present you with a large range of Crocs shoes. If you’re looking for a croc that can be worn with a variety of outfits, you might like to view the plain beige, white or navy crocs. If, however, you’re looking to match a brightly coloured bikini or want to make a statement, there’s also patterned or bolder colours to choose from. Crocs can also be paired with jeans, skirts, chinos and dresses, so are bound to compliment many outfits over the summer months thanks to their versatility.

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Crocs Shoes
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