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Recognised for its excellence worldwide, Carlos Santos is a Portuguese brand with a rich history and deep passion for creating high quality men’s footwear. From rustic Chelseas to black weave Oxfords, each Carlos Santos style is unique, sophisticated and luxuriously comfortable. Carlos Santos designs are particularly appealing to Executives that need a shoe that reflects their status. Elegant and refined, their range of Oxfords and smart chukkas are ideal for professionals that want to punctuate their business suits and get noticed in the board room. There’s also a number of incredibly unique Chelsea boots for weekends or smart casual occasions, including the stunning deep blue luxury Chelsea and black Chelsea in calf suede. 

As you can expect from Carlos Santos, each shoe or boot is hand made by artisans in Portugal using only the highest quality materials. Each shoe is Goodyear Welted which to this day is still regarded as the best method of shoe construction ever invented. Great care is also taken over the interior of the shoe or boot you choose, so that no matter how long your day is, you’ll feel just as comfortable and supported in the evening as you did in the morning. Such attention to detail means that each shoe is a work of art in itself, helping you to step away from the mainstream.

Carlos Santos

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Carlos Santos Shoes
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