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A popular choice for the fashion-conscious gentleman, the monk strap is a sophisticated and understated dress shoe that sits somewhere between an Oxford and a Loafer. Click here to read a great blog on monk strap shoes. As a slip-on shoe, it is practical and easy to wear, but unlike loafers, it has a tongue and buckles, giving it an unmistakeable look of elegance and distinction.

These days, the monk strap is viewed as a suitable statement shoe for businessmen to wear alongside a fine cut suit and quality wrist watch. But monk straps weren’t always such a sartorially bold shoe choice. In fact, their history is not-so-subtly hidden within its name. Monks throughout Europe would wear an open-toe version of the monk strap for practicality and comfort purposes. Over time, the toe closed and the shoe was popularised amongst the general public, embraced as a stylish dress shoe for special or important occasions.

Among our collection of men Monk Strap shoes you’ll find popular brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and John White, as well as Monk Straps made from a variety of materials including leather and suede. Colours also vary, with Carlos Santos offering a stunning double buckle monk strap in antique tan leather, and Trickers proudly presenting a unique monk strap in chocolate suede. Some of the monk straps offered at Arthur Knight have double buckles, where as others have single buckles, so you’ll find plenty of variety when trying to select the perfect monk strap shoe for you.

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Monk Strap Shoes
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