Blundstone Boots For Men

Blundstone is a family owned business with its origins and headquarters in Tasmania, an Island just off the Australian coast. Since 1870, the company have strived to integrate classic shoemaking and comfort technology to create hard-wearing, supportive, recognisable footwear. Tough, rugged and fit for purpose, the Blundstone boot (or Blunnies boots) is created to reflect the place it’s from. With such challenging terrain across Tasmania, residents have required boots that can stand up to the elements. This continues to be ethos behind the brand and is what makes the Blundstone unisex boot so well known across the world. Click here to view the Blundstone women's boot collection.

 The iconic slip on elasticated Chelsea boot pattern is renowned for its light weight comfort and exceptional durability. Worn by many famous celebrities around the globe through personal choice, (including David Beckham no less!), it is a strong endorsement of the fantastic presence the Blundstone brand enjoys universally.

The Chelsea itself is a staple in the mens Blundstones range that can be worn across numerous social and formal settings. What makes the Blundstone Chelsea boot for men stand out from the rest on the market is its unique robustness and rugged exterior. This interesting variation means that, even if you are currently a Chelsea boot owner, Blundstone can still offer you a style that’s somewhat different.

Arthur Knight are pleased to offer the best price on Blundstone boots & the best styles from their legendary Original 500 Series Chelsea boot along with the bestselling 550 series, which features a Polyurethane Midsole, using XRD® technology for shock absorption. Blundstone's unique sole construction also helps to reduce fatigue and orthopaedic problems in the legs, lower back and feet.

If you would like a classic style Blundstone Chelsea, you might like to view the round toe black Blundstone for men. Versatile and comfortable, this all-round boot can be worn at a multitude of occasions and, when cared for properly, will see you through many years to come. Alternatively, there are a number of more extravagant styles to select, such as the red and black round toe Blundstone, or the rare steel rub off Chelsea boot in light grey leather. Materials across the range include leather and suede leather. All styles benefit from a fully removable foot bed and some even include a complimentary spare set. The classic styling incorporates all the latest technical innovations to keep these styles up to date with the demands of modern life.

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