Kebo Desert Boots

If you value comfort, style and versatility when selecting footwear, then you can't go wrong with a desert boot by Kebo. Exclusive to Arthur Knight, the Kebo range offers something for everyone – whether you're a free spirited explorer, or a bit more of a homebody. Desert boots became popular back in the 1940s, when Nathan Clark (founder of Clarks Shoes) was stationed in Egypt with the British Army. Clark designed the boot originally for officers to wear on their downtime in the harsh desert conditions. Following their debut at the Chicago Shoe Fair in 1949, the desert boot took off and became a highly sought after boot for both men and women. 

What's special about the Kebo desert boot range is that each boot is carefully constructed from the best quality suede leather, and features a classy two eyelet lacing system with colourful contrasting laces to really give the boot some character. What's more, a second pair of laces in a different colour is included in each purchase, meaning you can mix and match with a range of outfits! As you'd expect from high quality boots, each item in the Kebo range features a durable yet lightweight sole, so whether you're venturing out on a long hike, or just taking your dog for a quick walk around the block, you're ensured of optimal comfort and support the entire time.

Desert Boots

100% Made in Italy

Kebo Desert Boots
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