Are you a ‘green thumb’ in the garden? Do you love a good summer festival or consider yourself to be the outdoorsy type? Whatever adventure you're pursuing, make sure you own a good quality pair of Wellington boots to protect and support your feet. There's no point in buying cheap plastic wellies. They fall apart, leak water and eventually become redundant. At Arthur Knight Shoes, we provide a whole range of good quality, well made ladies wellingtons that guarantee both style and longevity. The type of Wellington you select is entirely up to you. For hikes and country galavants, you may wish to go for short or mid length wellies, such as those offered by Barbour. If you're headed for harsher grounds, it will be important to choose a robust, long boot to keep your clothes and feet protected from the elements. Or, if you're a garden-potterer, our Chelsea Wellies may be more to your liking. 

Our range offer a variety of fastening systems, from pure slip-ons to lace-ups and buckles. Some of these features are decorative as well as functional, giving the Wellington a new dimension and really allowing it to be admired and appreciated. As for the material, all of our wellies are made from robust rubber but feature soft interior lining and a padded insole for optimal comfort. This means no matter how far you have to trek, or what terrain you're taking on, our wellingtons will keep your feet clean, warm and happy.

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