Complete your indoor look with one of our many designer men’s slippers. We are delighted to bring you the latest designer slipper brands including Barbour, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Each brand offers a unique slipper to suit the varied tastes and preferences of our customers. Slippers have numerous origins, one of which takes us back thousands of years to the Middle East. Worshippers at this time required flat comfortable footwear that could be easily removed to enter holy grounds. It also enabled people to walk across uneven flooring with some degree of comfort.

The wonderful thing about a modern slipper is that it encompasses all the craftsmanship of a sturdy shoe but brings in elements such as fur lining and soft suede materials to bring extra comfort to your feet. So, whether you’re lazing in front of the fire after a long day at work, or running errands around the house and garage, any one of our designer slippers will keep you feeling supported.

The Barbour slipper range is particularly popular amongst Arthur Knight customers. Barbour can offer you suede, sophisticated closed toe slippers with fur lining in a variety of colours including navy, grey and tartan. Each of these slippers encompasses the Barbour tartan lining branding as well as a subtle Barbour logo across the front of the slipper. For a much more casual slipper, you might want to view our Tommy Hilfiger slider range, which comes in a variety of bold fun colours. Whatever your slipper preference is, we are sure we have something for you. 

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