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Aubergine Purple Mens Wholecut Oxford Shoes

Punctuate your best business suit with this striking aubergine purple men's Wholecut Oxford shoe. Featuring a sophisticated classic closed lacing system with hand waxed laces, a seamless exterior, part rubber part leather sole and elongated burnished toe, this men's shoe is sure to turn heads in the workplace while providing optimal support and comfort throughout the day. 

Exclusive to Arthur Knight, this Wholecut Oxford is also available in six additional colours and styles.

Aubergine Purple Mens Wholecut Oxford Shoes

Additional description

Do you dress to impress? Perhaps you’re to add a touch of unique style to your finest business outfits? If so, the aubergine purple men's wholecut Oxford shoe is for you.  

An Oxford really is the epitome of sophisticated men's fashion and is something every gentleman should own. Oxfords first came about in Ireland, and historically were referred to as Balmorals after Balmoral Castle. They were then popularised by Oxford University students in the 1800s, and continued to grow in trend as a suave dress shoe for years to follow.

Hand crafted from Italian calf leather, this seamless Oxford men's aubergine shoe features close edge randing as well as a traditional closed lacing system with hand waxed, durable laces. This gives the shoe a timeless, smooth appearance that works well with either plain or patterned suits.

You may be interested to know that the whole cut pattern is the most expensive of all shoe patterns to make due to the amount of leather it demands. Therefore, you can be sure when wearing this high end shoe that you're giving off an air of class and upmarket style – something that is unparalleled in many other shoe designs.

We understand that it can be difficult to know which textile colours work best with aubergine purple Oxfords, so we’d like to give you a hand. Firstly, it's important to choose the right kind of socks. If you like to stand out, you may want to pick contrasting, punchy socks in a colour like mustard or oatmeal. Alternatively, black will work just fine. When it comes to a suit, this men's Oxford works well with beige or brown, and it's a good idea to add hints of purple throughout your outfit such as with a handkerchief or belt. This shoe is also available in six additional colours and styles.

Aubergine Purple Mens Wholecut Oxford Shoes Aubergine Purple Mens Wholecut Oxford Shoes