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Barbour Benwell Mahogany Brown Waxy Boots

Barbour Benwell in Mahogany MFO0366BR71 - Distinguished and elegant, this brown waxy Barbour Chukka boot is ideal for gentlemen that appreciate boots with both class and versatility. Made from waxy brown pull up leather, this classic boot has a plain round toe design and double stitched leather sole.

There is also a Barbour branded rear and dark brown pull tab for convenience. Pair with dark blue denim jeans and a smart button up shirt and wear to smart casual events or in the workplace.

Barbour Benwell Mahogany Brown Waxy Boots

Additional description

If you appreciate tradition, you can do no better than to select a Barbour mens Chukka boot. This smartly designed Benwell Boot by Barbour features all the classic markings of a Chukka, including a five eyelet open lacing system and plain round toe design. But what makes this charming boot stand out even more is its beautifully polished, rich brown leather exterior, adding depth to the boot that is unparalleled in many other designs.

Named after a period of play in the game Polo, the Chukka boot has strong British roots and became popular in the 1940s. It is known for its ease-of-wear thanks to its open lacing system and generous design, giving the foot breathing space and simultaneous support. Who better to make Chukkas, therefore, than Barbour! Founded in 1894 in South Shields, England, Barbour capture the essence of English countryside and bring together a mix of tradition with contemporary trends and technologies. That’s why we are so pleased to present you with this dark brown men’s Barbour chukka boot. With a branded real trip and dark brown pull tab, as well as a padded leather sole, this boot is not only attractive, but hard wearing too.

What’s more, even if your feet often get tired or pinched in normal boots, the high quality rubber insert will support your foot while allowing it to breathe, giving you long lasting comfort throughout the day.

One thing we love about this men’s ankle boot is that it can be paired with a variety of smart and casual outfits and worn to a range of settings. If you’re a businessman, you can wear brown chukkas with a navy suit and brown belt and be sure to impress your colleagues. If you have a rather packed social calendar, you’ll be pleased to discover this boot teams up with jeans and chinos with ease.

Barbour Benwell Mahogany Brown Waxy Boots Barbour Benwell Mahogany Brown Waxy Boots
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