Beige Nubuck Leather Anatomic Vai Comfort Lace Sneaker

High quality, smart and incredibly practical, the stylish beige sneaker by Anatomic & Co is the perfect sneaker for any man that wants to feel totally supported in his activities without compromising on aesthetics.

Constructed from robust yet flexible nubuck leather, this round-toe men’s sneaker features subtle stitching with Anatomic branding across the tongue, as well as contrast white laces and 6 neat eyelets. There’s also a hardwearing black textured rubber sole with white midsole, ideal for the quintessential outdoorsy man.

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Beige Nubuck Leather Anatomic Vai Comfort Lace Sneaker

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When compared to other shoe styles, trainers tend to get a lot more wear. As a casual shoe, they can be enjoyed in a multitude of settings, meaning a typical trainer will run the risk of looking worn out in no time. But that’s not the case when it comes to trainers sourced by Arthur Knight, especially those made by well-known shoe experts Anatomic & Co. The grey nubuck leather men’s trainer is exceptional in that it’s hard wearing, high quality and built to last, but refuses to compromise on style and makes the wearer look as good as he feels.

Featuring Anatomic’s famous patented gel technology, as well as a removeable padded insole, you can be sure that this trainer will hold your foot steady no matter what activity you’re involved in. What’s more, it features a robust black rubber sole with a white mid sole, guaranteeing non-slip properties so that you can enjoy optimal grip and stability.

As for the exterior of this sophisticated men’s trainer, it’s made from grey nubuck leather, giving it an unmistakeable look of class. The smart eyelet system holds strong white laces which match the edge of the sole nicely, and contrast well with the grey material. There’s also a subtle Anatomic embossed tongue and stitching detail to help set this men’s trainer apart from the crowd.

Thanks to the colouring of this shoe, you’ll be able to pair it with a variety of outfits. We recommend wearing a stone coloured t-shirt to match the tone of this shoe, as well as dark navy blue denim jeans and an understated belt. You can also pair this shoe with chinos or chino shorts. For a contrast effect you might integrate brown or blue into your outfit. Also available in brown leather.

Beige Nubuck Leather Anatomic Vai Comfort Lace Sneaker Beige Nubuck Leather Anatomic Vai Comfort Lace Sneaker
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