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Black Goodyear Welted Brogue Chapman Country Boots

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Glorify your outfit with this rare English Style Country Boot. The shoe features a smooth black leather upper with genuine storm welt giving it a traditional and sophisticated look.

There is a double-weighted padded soul which increases the comfort and there is a 2 & 1 punched design on top of the hand-polished leather to give it a fantastic look. This shoe can be the perfect choice for everyday wear and this robust welted shoe can withstand any condition you encounter.

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Black Goodyear Welted Brogue Chapman Country Boots

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Country boots transcend time and suit all age groups. Brogue designs, when combined with English style, give a shoe unmistakeable charm, sophistication and charisma. This stunning black Goodyear welted brogue country boot combines all the efforts of traditional shoemaking with modern style and comfort technology.

Goodyear welt is the machine invented by Charles Goodyear Jr. and is used to stitch shoes by adding a single leather or plastic piece along the perimeter of the shoe which gives this Brogue shoe one of the most durably stitched designs.

A brogue shoe is the type of shoe that features sturdy pieces of leather stitched on top of each other with patterns made on top using perforations commonly called ‘broguing’. These shoes have been a tradition of Ireland and Scotland but branched out over the centuries to become fashion statements rather than practical necessities. Originally, the main purpose for perforations on top of the shoe (mainly on the toe) was to drain the water which would enter the shoe when the wearer crossed a watery place such as a bog. This is no longer the shoe’s purpose, especially in the case of the black goodyear welted brogue country boot, which can stand up to all weather types without getting your foot wet.

This marvellously unique men’s outdoor boot looks fantastic with a pair of jeans, a black padded jacket and casual button up shirt. It’s better to be worn in the winter due to the sturdy nature of the boot. Given the brown rear tab and brown outer part to the sole, you could add splashes of brown to your outfit too. It features many eyelets also, so you can decide to do it all the way up or leave the top part slightly undone for a more casual look.

Black Goodyear Welted Brogue Chapman Country Boots Black Goodyear Welted Brogue Chapman Country Boots
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  1. Outstanding country boot

    Couldn't be happier with my purchase. The boots arrived in just a couple days and straight out the box felt comfortable and supportive. The leather is very high quality and exactly as it appears in the outside photo. The leather soles are slippery when new so I might see how they bed in and consider applying a rubber sole myself.

    Overall a great value item which ticks all the boxes. I'm already eyeing up the light brown pair which is also currently reduced.

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