Ladies Black Suede Kebo Italian Desert Boots

Look as great as you feel in this women's black suede Kebo Italian Desert Boot. Constructed in Italy from the finest black suede leather material, this stylish lace up boot provides a comfortable fit while looking stylish with a variety of outfits. 

Furthermore, this ladies ankle boot comes with two pairs of hard-wearing additional laces in black and burgundy so that you can alternate your look to suit different occasions. Available in 16 other colours.

Ladies Black Suede Kebo Italian Desert Boots

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Do you ever go on a shopping trip with friends only to be rubbing your feet after an hour of browsing the shop windows? Perhaps you enjoy taking a regular romantic walk with your partner but the intimate occasion is interrupted by pinched toes? If this sounds like you, then the ladies black suede kebo Italian desert boot is for you. Not only is it super comfortable, but has a stylish, feminine presentation so that you can look and feel fantastic.

Desert boots have a fascinating history. It was Nathan Clark, the founder of Clarks Shoes that first introduced the style. It was after his tour of Egypt with the British army that he thought to make a shoe that could be worn by off duty officers in their downtime. The whole point of the boot was that it was durable enough to wear no matter the terrain or weather. The ladies black suede desert boot is not only comfortable but features a smart rounded toe and a two eyelet lacing system that gives the boot a minimalist yet interesting presentation.

It also has a highly durable heel and sole that are both lightweight and long lasting. And if that weren't impressive enough, this boot also comes with two sets of laces, one in burgundy and one in black. So, if you fancy creating a contrasting look, you can swap the black laces for the burgundy ones.  

When wearing the black laces with this ladies suede desert boot, we recommend pairing it with navy blue skinny jeans or jeggings and an oversized olive green chunky cable knit jumper with a slouch cap. If you're wearing the burgundy laces, we recommend wearing burgundy slim fit jeans or leggings with a black hip length t-shirt and casual black or grey cardigan. 

Ladies Black Suede Kebo Italian Desert Boots Ladies Black Suede Kebo Italian Desert Boots
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