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Deep Azzuro Suede Italian Driving Shoe Moccasin

Smart, comfortable and perfect for summer, the Italian suede driving moccasin in deep azzuro is beautifully crafted to give you a complimentary look. Given the deep azzuro colouring, this moccasin really packs and punch and is perfect for any man that wants to stand out and be noticed.

Aside from being easy on the eye, this men’s flat shoe features nodules on the sole, giving it extra grip and durability. Available in multiple colours.

Deep Azzuro Suede Italian Driving Shoe Moccasin

Additional description

If you’re looking for a stylish and sophisticated summer flat shoe that is guaranteed to turn heads, you can do no better than the driving moccasin in deep azzuro. Made using the best quality suede in Italy, this high-end men’s flat slip-on shoe features a hand stitched apron upper with a deck shoe style laced topline, as well as a shaped driving shoe heel to give it a more distinguished look. What sets the driving moccasin apart from the traditional moccasin of course is its nodules on the sole. These provide grip and support, meaning you can walk (and drive) with confidence.

Thanks to the removable padded leather footbed, you can also be sure that your foot will remain comfortable throughout the day without becoming overheated. It goes without saying that this men’s flat shoe is best worn in the warmer seasons, preferably between April and September. Its slip-on feature is particularly handy for putting on and removing the shoe quickly and with ease, so whether you’re sitting by the pool or running errands in town, you can comfortably pull off this shoe without fiddling with buckles or laces at the end of the day.

With the stand-out colour being as vibrant as it is, we recommend pairing these driving shoe moccasins with plain, mid tone clothing to really bring the eye down to the shoe. You might like to match it with a pair of stone chinos and a cool, lightweight pale shirt and cap. It also works well with smart shorts. Should you want to add some continuity throughout your outfit, there’s no reason you can’t create splashes of blue using a belt or hat.

Due to the design of this men’s summer shoe, it should not typically be paired with socks as it is designed to help your foot breathe.

Deep Azzuro Suede Italian Driving Shoe Moccasin Deep Azzuro Suede Italian Driving Shoe Moccasin