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Black Jelly Calvin Klein Sandals Christie Pool Slides

The best selling black jelly Calvin Klein Christie Pool Slide Sandals are the perfect staple item for your holiday attire. Made from strong yet comfortable black rubber, this highly versatile poolside sandal features the iconic CK branding across the front black strip, as well as on the footbed.

For optimal comfort, the footbed is Anatomic contoured, meaning your foot will feel supported no matter how many hours you spend on the beach. Available in three other colours.

Black Jelly Calvin Klein Sandals Christie Pool Slides

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When the sun is shining, the pool is tepid and you have nothing to do but sip on an icy mojito and read a captivating book on a lounger, you want to make sure that nothing is going to spoil that moment. But there is a lot of enjoyment to be lost if you’re wearing a flimsy sandal that cuts into your foot or slips as you walk. Not only does poorly fitting footwear feel terrible, but it can distract you from what should be an otherwise spectacular experience. That’s why we are proud to introduce you to this bestselling Calvin Klein Christie Pool Slide Sandal in black. Made from robust, supple rubber, this stylish and versatile sandal won’t let you down. In fact, it’s so comfortable we’re confident you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

Made by one of the most renowned shoe designers on the planet, this Calvin Klein sandal features a plain, understated black exterior, as well as the iconic CK logo across the front strip. There’s also silver branding down the foot bed. The sole of the ladies sandal features small grooves for extra grip, so if you’re gliding along the promenade or through the hotel lobby, you certainly won’t experience any embarrassing ‘oops’ moments.

What makes this sandal really stand out is its Anatomic contoured foot bed.  Designed to mould to your foot shape, this added feature is what guarantees you premium comfort and a longer lasting sandal.

Due to the plain colouring, this sandal can be matched with a diverse range of beachwear and poolside outfits. For a sleek holiday look, pair with a black two-piece bikini and colourful, boldly patterned sarong. Or, if you’re heading out for a morning stroll along the beach front, pair with white or pale pink linen trousers, a floral crop top and long sheer cardigan with short sleeves.

Black Jelly Calvin Klein Sandals Christie Pool Slides Black Jelly Calvin Klein Sandals Christie Pool Slides
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