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Coffee Brown Tommy Hilfiger Cross Strap Sandals

Get ready for the summer months with this smart and sophisticated men’s leather chocolate brown sandal by Tommy Hilfiger with cross straps. Made to last, this versatile and timeless men’s sandal can be worn with a variety of summer outfits including chinos and shorts and an array of colours.

It also features a padded leather insole and very subtle Tommy Hilfiger branding across one strap, which is ideal for someone looking for a more understated look this season. 

Coffee Brown Tommy Hilfiger Cross Strap Sandals

Additional description

When it’s warm out, you need an open toe men’s sandal that is not only weather-appropriate, but sophisticated and stylish too. There’s nothing worse than walking around in cheap flip-flops that break within days or pinch your toes. That’s why we are pleased to present you with this stylish men’s leather sandal by Tommy Hilfiger for this season.

A new shoe in stock, this men’s flat cross strap sandal is versatile and comfortable. It’s made from dark brown coffee leather and features a padded insole so that, whether you’re strolling or stomping, you can experience optimal long-lasting comfort. The sole is incredibly hard wearing with an intricate texture to give you absolute stability, even in wetter conditions. What also makes this sandal slightly different from the typical offerings of Tommy Hilfiger is the more subtle branding. Unlike other Tommy Hilfiger shoes that often feature bold red white and blue branding, this sandal has very dark and subtle markings, giving it an overall coffee brown plain look. There is a small Hilfiger imprint on one side of the sandal strap as well as across the insole for additional detail.

Given the colour and simplicity of this men’s crossover strap sandal, it can be paired with a number of outfits. When it’s exceptionally hot outside, we recommend pairing it with shorts (linen or cotton are especially cooling around this time of year), and a navy t-shirt. Alternatively, if you’re wearing this sandal out on a warm evening, you might want to team it up with lightweight navy or pale stone chinos, a button up short sleeved shirt and a chocolate brown belt.

Coffee Brown Tommy Hilfiger Cross Strap Sandals Coffee Brown Tommy Hilfiger Cross Strap Sandals