Ladies Dark Grey Suede Italian Desert Boots

Stay comfortable all day long with this super stylish ladies dark grey suede desert boot exclusive to Arthur Knight. It features an interesting, understated lacing system with an additional pair of contrast pink laces, a robust sole and simple rounded toe, making it ideal for day-to-day wear whatever the occasion. 

Perfect for pairing with thick leggings or slim fit denim jeans, a cable knit jumper and cap on a cool evening.

Ladies Dark Grey Suede Italian Desert Boots

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It's important that every woman-on-the-go has a sturdy and stylish pair of day boots that are both comfortable and reliable. That's exactly what the dark grey suede Italian desert boots exclusive to Arthur Knight offers.

Desert boots have a long and fascinating history. The founder of Clarks Shoes, Nathan Clark, was stationed out in Cairo, Egypt, in the 1940s with the British Army. The men in his troop wore strong boots for when they were on duty that were able to withstand harsh desert environments, but didn't have much to wear in their spare time. Clarke designed the Desert Boot for officers to walk around in whenever they weren't on duty and found them to be a big hit! Ever since, desert boots have been a popular and stylish choice for both men and women from all walks of life.

This grey suede desert boot is extremely cosy and is guaranteed to keep your feet happy no matter what you're getting up to that day. It features a durable heel and sole that are designed to stand the test of time and keep your feet feeling supported. There's also a simple but smart rounded toe and interesting, understated lacing system that is both convenient and fashionable.

What makes this ladies ankle boot even more unique is that you will find a spare set of laces in pink alongside the traditional grey laces. This means you can mix and match depending on the look you're aiming for that day. We recommend wearing this grey desert boot and grey laces with black leggings and a denim skater dress as well as a padded grey jacket or long cream cardigan. When it comes to the pink laces, you could incorporate elements of dusty pink into your outfit ensemble, such as a pink belt, cap or earrings.

Ladies Dark Grey Suede Italian Desert Boots Ladies Dark Grey Suede Italian Desert Boots
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