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Designer Italian Brogue Boots Goodyear Vibram Sole

Be sure to turn heads with this top quality classic Italian Brogue ankle boot for men. Hand made in Morrovalle, Northern Italy, this men's ankle boot is constructed from antiqued honey tan leather and features stunning, intricate broguing across the vamp and toe. 

There's also a unique lacing system with hand waxed laces that allow for a snug, comfortable fit. This boot is one of the hottest selling styles in the whole of Italy.

Designer Italian Brogue Boots Goodyear Vibram Sole

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Every man deserves to own a sleek, sophisticated Italian boot that not only stands the test of time but looks fantastic too. Exclusive to Arthur Knight Shoes, this hand made Italian men's boot has been constructed by hand in Morrovalle, Northern Italy, and is truly unique and special in its appearance.

The broguing is intricate and detailed but also understated, covering both the rear quarter and the toe. You might be interested to know that broguing has agricultural roots, when farmers used to wear Brogue shoes while working in the wet fields due to the fact that the small holes would drain water away from their feet. Designers expanded on this look over the years and now brogue boots are considered to be the height of sophistication and character. As well as having a suave broguing pattern, this boot also has a six eyelet lacing system that adds a whole new dimension to the overall presentation. The laces are hand waxed for maximum longevity.

As you'd expect from any high quality boot, this men's brogue is made to last a long time and won't break apart or lose shape after a few weeks wear. It features a 360 degree fully stitched Goodyear welted sole which is made from Vibram rubber and remains incredibly light weight despite its robustness. Furthermore, this boot is fully leather lined and has a padded leather insole, so no matter where you're walking, you can be assured of optimal comfort.

Given the interesting detail on this boot, we recommend you really show it off by pairing it with the right kind of outfit. There's a really authentic country feel to the brogue boot, so it would look great with a smart pair of dark denim jeans, a checked shirt with rolled sleeves, a twisted belt and padded tan jacket if it's a cooler day. We recommend skinny or slim fit jeans because they will tuck nicely into the top of the boot and this will allow maximum visibility.

Designer Italian Brogue Boots Goodyear Vibram Sole Designer Italian Brogue Boots Goodyear Vibram Sole
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