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Formal Black Mens John White Lace Shoes

Expertly crafted with care by John White of Northamptonshire, this men’s 4 eyelet Gibson lace up shoe is the perfect footwear companion for any event.

One of the main features of this men’s lace up shoe is its adaptability and timeless sophistication, giving you ample outfit choices across multiple settings.

Featuring polished black calf leather and a closed lacing system, you will be sure to amplify authority and feel comfortable while doing so. To see this style featured in an in-depth YouTube review, click here: John White Men's Shoe Review

Formal Black Mens John White Lace Shoes

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The perfect dress shoe - no man’s wardrobe can be complete without a 4 eyelet Gibson lace up shoe by John White. Made from the highest quality black calf leather and polished to perfection, this stunning men’s shoe is without a doubt one of the highest quality dress shoes you can own. 

John White has been crafting British shoes for a hundred years. What began in a small house in Northamptonshire has grown into a global brand, respected and revered for its craftsmanship and quality. John White and his company were making shoes and boots for British servicemen during the Second World War, and continue today to produce the highest quality footwear products. 

This centenarian shoemaker has once again poured it’s design prowess into their Formal Black Lace shoe which features a fashionably elongated toe combined with a 4 eyelet closed lacing system, making it aesthetically pleasing to wear. If all of that wasn’t enough, the minimalist style of John White makes this shoe a firm favourite for those wishing to be flawless and timeless in their footwear. The stitch lines in the shoe are uniform and simple, sleek and elegant. John White’s Black Lace shoe has brought everything that made it popular one hundred years ago into its present incarnation and created a shoe that anyone would be proud to wear. 

Not only that, but thanks to the strong rubber sole and full leather lining, as well as the soft and comfortable insole, you can be assured of optimal comfort and support no matter your endeavours. 

Pair with a black or blue formal suit for a formal business meeting to give the best first impression. Or, if you’re attending a special event like a wedding or dinner party, you can even dress this shoe down slightly with a blazer and stand-out tie.

Formal Black Mens John White Lace Shoes Formal Black Mens John White Lace Shoes
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