IGI Gore Tex

Gore Tex Metallic Grey Snakeskin Womens Igi Sneakers

This brand new women’s lace up sneaker style shoe is available exclusively for Arthur Knight Shoes.

The entire shoe is made in Italy, and features a full Gore Tex® waterproof lining throughout. It boasts a distinctive metallic grey imitation snakeskin leather, with a fully padded leather insole for optimum comfort during wear.

It has a durable, non-slip black rubber sole, ideal for all weather conditions and seasons.

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Gore Tex Metallic Grey Snakeskin Womens Igi Sneakers

Additional description

Available exclusively for Arthur Knight Shoes, this is a sneaker not to be missed. The distinctive metallic grey imitation leather stands out for all the right reasons, making this a fashion sneaker that will slot straight into your wardrobe. The sneaker has a full Gore Tex® waterproof lining throughout, making it suitable for all seasons and for unexpected downpours. Its versatility means it can transition easily from walking in the city to taking a stroll to a country pub at the weekend.

The sneaker is an item of footwear that has crept into everyday life. It has become a wardrobe essential, looking just as at home in the suburbs as as it does on the sports field. Sneakers are a more modern version of the traditional plimsoll, which was an early type of trainer named in the 1870s. Since then, sneakers have been widely developed to provide excellence in sporting abilities, and have even been especially adapted to provide optimum support depending on the sport. Everyday sneakers are designed to provide exceptional comfort without compromising on style.

This sneaker features a fully padded leather insole ensuring that the shoe remains comfortable even on the longest of days. The durable, non-slip black rubber sole contrasts with the silver imitation snakeskin whilst ensuring the shoe is suitable for, and comfortable on, all outdoor surfaces. Subtle branding to the side of the shoe marks it as a premium item of footwear.

Styling with this women’s sneaker couldn’t be simpler. The imitation snakeskin lends itself perfectly to blue or black denim jeans, which you could pair with a winter jumper or a lighter shirt in the summer. Adding a denim jacket would add style to the overall look. Alternatively, try pairing with your favourite leather trousers and a white blouse for ultimate sophistication.

Gore Tex Metallic Grey Snakeskin Womens Igi Sneakers Gore Tex Metallic Grey Snakeskin Womens Igi Sneakers
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