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Grey Velvety Fur Slides By Arthur Knight Shoes

Elegant, luxurious and exceptionally comfortable, this sleek and sophisticated grey velvety fur loafer sliders by Arthur Knight is designed to give you a distinctive look of class. 

Made from premium grey velvet suede leather in Italy, this gorgeous ladies slider has a gold trim, gold overlay apron and imitation grey fur around the topline. It also boasts a brushed leather sole guaranteed to support your foot, with a strong rubber heel and padded leather insole. Available in multiple colours.


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Exquisitely crafted in Italy, this beautiful ladies backless slip on loafer is perfect for lounging and indoor inactivity. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a smart, chic and feminine slip on loafer shoe with features designed to maximise comfort and support.

Made from the highest quality grey velvet suede leather, this expertly made ladies slip on shoe is oozing character and elegance. It features a deluxe gold overlay apron and gold trim, as well as imitation grey fur that adds class to the shoe and extra warmth and comfort to the wearer.

Unlike some cheaper slip on ladies shoes, this one has a strong rubber sole with a robust rubber heel designed for optimal longevity and support. There’s nothing worse than a slip on shoe falling apart after a few wears, or losing its shape and becoming painful on the foot. That’s why we are so pleased to offer a ladies shoe that will not only look fantastic but retain its shape and comfort features for a long time to come.

As you would expect from a shoe of this caliber, the inside is fully leather lined, with the fur just skimming the top of the foot, keeping it warm in the cooler seasons. There’s also a padded insole which will mold to the shape of your foot. And for the ultimate convenience, you’re able to remove and put on this shoe without bending over or fiddling with buckles and zips. Simply slide your bare foot into the shoe and get going!

This ladies slip on loafer slipper is ideal for matching with a sophisticated indoor wardrobe. Pair with some crushed velvet indoor full length trousers in a deep blue or purple, along with a strappy loose fit cotton top or (in the cooler season) a long sleeved patterned v neck.

Grey Velvety Fur Slides By Arthur Knight Shoes Grey Velvety Fur Slides By Arthur Knight Shoes
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