Light Blue Crocodile Anatomic & Co Leather Trainers

Stand out with this eye catching light blue crocodile men’s trainer by popular shoe brand Anatomic & Co. Made from high quality imitation crocodile leather, this men’s cupsole shoe is coloured a light antiqued blue, giving it an unmistakable and unique appearance.

It also features a six eyelet lacing system with white thick laces, a padded insole with patented comfort technology and a flexible rubber sole so that you can remain active with ease.

Light Blue Crocodile Anatomic & Co Leather Trainers

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Tired of your sorry-looking trainers? Feel like a change? Why not stand out and be noticed in this stunning and smart antiqued blue imitation crocodile leather men’s trainer by prestigious shoe brand Anatomic & Co? As one of the fastest selling shoes we’ve come across, we’re positive it won’t disappoint.

Ideal for all weather types but particularly useful in the summer months, this flexible and breathable men’s trainer is designed to fit around your active lifestyle. So, whether you’re a man about town or enjoy weekend sports with friends, we are sure this trainer will serve you well.

The trainer is made from imitation crocodile leather and has a comfortable sheepskin lining. This means, even if you wear this shoe for long periods, we can guarantee long lasting comfort. There’s also patented gel technology which helps your foot feel supported and taken care of.

The white walled sole is made from robust, water proof rubber, but is also flexible so no matter what activity you’re involved in, your shoe won’t get in the way. It also has a rear pull tab for a convenient pull-off motion and subtle Anatomic & Co branding which is noticeable but does not distract from the overall look.

We believe this men’s trainer is made to stand out, which is why we recommend pairing it with long plain shorts and a light blue t shirt. Adding splashes of light blue into your outfit can help to emphasise the shoes as you wear them. You can also wear this trainer in the cooler seasons with dark denim jeans and a blue casual checked or plain shirt. As this is one of the fastest selling Anatomic & Co shoes in the company’s history, we highly recommend you do not hesitate in placing your order! Also available in white.

Light Blue Crocodile Anatomic & Co Leather Trainers Light Blue Crocodile Anatomic & Co Leather Trainers
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