Navy Blue Italian Suede Womens Desert Boots

Enjoy all-day comfort with this smart casual navy blue women's desert boot. It's made from the finest navy blue suede material and comes with two pairs of coloured laces so that you can mix and match depending on your preference. The two eyelet design and rounded toe give this ladies boot a truly smart finish.

Desert boots look great with slim cut jeans and a Parka coat when you're in and about town or out in the country. You can also choose from sixteen colours.

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Navy Blue Italian Suede Womens Desert Boots

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Do you love to go for long country walks? Or perhaps you prefer spending the day shopping in a busy city? Whatever it is you enjoy, you can be assured of all day comfort with this navy blue ladies desert boot.

Desert boots have an interesting history. It was Nathan Clark, the founder of Clarks Shoes that first designed a pair, following his tour around Egypt with the British Army. He noticed that the soldiers needed better boots for when they had their downtime. That's when he came up with the idea for Desert boots, as they would better withstand the sandy, rough terrains and provide optimal comfort while walking around camp.

The blue suede desert boot is ultra cosy to wear and will ensure your feet are well cared for no matter what kind of lifestyle you lead. It features a smart rounded toe and two eyelet design with a simple yet visually striking lacing system.

There's also a very durable heel and sole, that are both lightweight and guaranteed to stand the test of time. What makes this ladies boot even more special is that it comes with two sets of laces, one in burgundy and one in navy. This means that you can mix and match depending on the outfit you're wearing that day.

When wearing the burgundy laces with this suede desert boot, we recommend pairing it with burgundy skinny jeans or leggings and an oversized grey chunky cable knit jumper. If you're wearing the navy laces, we recommend wearing black or dark brown slim fit jeans or leggings with a white tank top and dark green or blue knitted cardigan. If you're the adventurous type, why not choose from one of the sixteen other colours as well to add to your collection?

Navy Blue Italian Suede Womens Desert Boots Navy Blue Italian Suede Womens Desert Boots
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