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Navy Blue Tommy Hilfiger Stream Rubber Chelsea Welly

Whether you’re doing a spot of gardening or taking on the boggy terrain of a music festival, the navy blue stream rubber Chelsea welly will protect your foot and ensure you’re supported and comfortable while walking. Due to its waterproof material, you will have peace of mind that no water will enter the boot when it’s wet out. 

It also features a convenient pull tab so that you can kick off the welly without muddying your hands.

Navy Blue Tommy Hilfiger Stream Rubber Chelsea Welly

Additional description

Don’t you just hate it when a welly completely lets you down? There’s nothing worse than the discomfort of cold water seeping into your boot, or getting mud all over yourself when trying to remove it. That’s why we are pleased to introduce you to this best selling Chelsea welly by Tommy Hilfiger.

A Chelsea welly features all the characteristics of a regular Chelsea boot, but is built especially for the great outdoors. What’s fantastic about this particular welly is that it’s been designed and manufactured with excellence in mind, ensuring that both comfort and style are integral in the finished product.

Like a regular Chelsea, this Tommy Hilfiger welly has twin side elastic gussets which enable a smooth slip-on motion. The top of the gusset features subtle red white and blue Tommy Hilfiger branding which adds some welcome detail to the welly. There’s also a convenient branded rear pull tab. This means that when you come indoors from particularly boggy conditions, you can remove the welly without getting dirty yourself. The overall boot height is approximately 16cm, and it is waterproof up to the base of the elastic.

You also won’t need to worry about uneven terrain thanks to the rubber commando style sole and 30mm heel. Unlike when you wear cheap, flimsy wellies, your foot will feel properly supported in this boot and we can guarantee that after a long day at a festival, you won’t be rubbing your pinched toes or placing plasters on blisters.

We recommend wearing this welly with a robust pair of outdoor jeans that tuck into the top of the boot. Due to its smart navy colour, the welly will match most patterns and colours, so you can enjoy maximum versatility. This Chelsea welly is also available in black.

Navy Blue Tommy Hilfiger Stream Rubber Chelsea Welly Navy Blue Tommy Hilfiger Stream Rubber Chelsea Welly