Sky Blue Leather Mens Brogues by Anatomic Shoes

If you're looking for a casual but eye-catching men's shoe that's both comfortable and long lasting, the sky blue leather men's brogue by Anatomic Shoes is for you. Not only does it feature a distinctive colour and stunning broguing across the toe and vamp, but is also made with patented gel technology making it super easy to wear for long periods without compromising comfort. 

Perfect for pairing with tan chinos in the summer.

Sky Blue Leather Mens Brogues by Anatomic Shoes

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This new wingcap Gibson brogue shoe by Anatomic Shoes is hand crafted from waxy sky blue leather and is the ideal shoe for any gentleman who's searching for something a little bit different.

Anatomic Shoes came over to the UK from Brazil in 2004 and noticed something rather off-putting about the men's shoe market. Shoes were either very cheap and unreliable or incredibly expensive and therefore unattainable for many. Anatomic Shoes decided to place 60 pairs of their affordable, good quality shoes in a store and see what happened. In just one weekend, all 60 pairs had gone, proving that there was a real need for a men's shoe that looks great but will also stand the test of time.

The sky blue leather brogue features all the markings of a great shoe. It is fully sheepskin leather lined with a padded and flexible insole for supreme comfort and has also been made with Anatomic’s patented gel comfort technology. This means that every step will be as comfortable as the last, no matter how long your day is.

The outer material has distinctive contrast stitching and broguing across the toe and vamp which adds an excellent element of detail onto the shoe. Furthermore, the stitching is waterproof meaning it won't wear down after a few outings in the winter rain. There's also a non slip rubber tread for good grip all year round.

As the colour of this brogue shoe is so distinctive, we recommend you team it up with a contrasting pair of chinos (brown or stone would work well), along with a rolled up checked shirt and cap. If you want, you can turn the bottom of your chinos up to draw attention to the full length of the brogue. Also available in burgundy, navy and light brown.

Sky Blue Leather Mens Brogues by Anatomic Shoes Sky Blue Leather Mens Brogues by Anatomic Shoes
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