Tamaris Designer Tan Leather Fur Ankle Zip Boots

When the leaves are falling from the trees and air becomes crisp, you need a reliable seasonal boot that keeps your foot warm and snug until the winter passes. The tan leather fur ankle zip boot by Tamaris does just that. 

It features a cosy fur tongue, hand burnished nut brown leather exterior, cracked leather ankle part and a durable lacing system, promising both style and comfort. Also available in dark brown.

Tamaris Designer Tan Leather Fur Ankle Zip Boots

Additional description

Whether you’re a proud urbanite or live way out in the sticks, you need a strong and sophisticated day boot that promises you head-turning style and optimal comfort. What’s the point in buying a flimsy, uncomfortable boot that you know you’ll throw away by this time next year, when you can find one that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time and unlikely to ever go out of fashion?

This is why we are pleased to offer you this absolutely stunning ladies ankle boot by Tamaris. With keen European influences, Tamaris have created the perfect boot for the cooler months using high quality nut brown hand burnished leather and soft breathable inner lining. There are several qualities that help to set this boot apart from others on the market. First, it has a cosy fur tongue that helps to insulate your foot in frosty weather without over heating it.

It also features a soft cracked leather ankle part which keeps your ankle supported and offers a brilliant contrast against the rest of the leather. The padded leather insole ensure your foot stays in one place as you walk, while the caramel coloured non-slip rubber sole and 45mm heel promise longevity.

This rounded toe boot also has a unique lacing system which combines the use of small and large eyelets to lend interesting subtle detail to the boot’s overall presentation. Given its fun and individual detail, this boot needs to be centre stage. Therefore, make sure it’s matched with slim fit jeans that tuck into the top of the boot. It colour works well with similar autumnal tones like deep green, crimson and mustard. It’s also a good idea to accessories with brown leathers, such as belts, caps or gloves.

This boot is also available in dark brown.

Tamaris Designer Tan Leather Fur Ankle Zip Boots Tamaris Designer Tan Leather Fur Ankle Zip Boots