Tobacco Waxy Suede Designer Italian Cup Sole Boots

If you're a big denim wearer, then you can't go wrong with this trendy, ultra comfortable tobacco waxy suede cup sole men's boot. Featuring a chukka design with a striking cup sole, five eyelets and a hand oiled toe and heel, this men's boot is perfect for walks through the city streets or weekends away with friends and family.

Wear all day long and experience optimal comfort and snugness. Absolutely perfect for pairing with dark or light denim jeans of any cut.

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Tobacco Waxy Suede Designer Italian Cup Sole Boots

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Do you love to get away on the weekends? Whether you're a world traveller or simply enjoy an urban stomp with friends once in a while, you need a boot that's durable, trendy and versatile.

Chukkas have a history that spans back to the turn of the 21st century. The word Chukka is thought to come from the game of polo, where a chukka is a period of play. In the 30s and 40s, chukka boots became more popular within equestrian circles and then were seen in more casual settings as time went on.

The tobacco cup sole chukka boot is made from stunning tan suede material and has a hand oiled toe and heel for extra fine detail. The open lacing system, supported by five eyelets, means you can adjust this boot to fit your foot perfectly, and the hand waxed laces are sure to stand the test of time.

There's also an incredibly trendy cup sole. A cup sole is where the outer sole is made from one piece of rubber, and in this instance is a slightly different tone to the rest of the boot giving a nice contrast. What's unique about the tobacco suede cup sole chukka boot is that you can wear it in so many different settings and with a whole range of casual outfits.

In the cooler months, pair this boot with dark denim straight legged jeans, a flannel checked blue and red shirt, tan suede padded jacket and leather belt. In the summer, you can wear this chukka boot with light blue denim jeans, a white or blue polo t-shirt and twisted tan belt. We launched this style just a couple of months back and it's by far our best selling casual men's boot, so make sure you get yours quickly!

Tobacco Waxy Suede Designer Italian Cup Sole Boots Tobacco Waxy Suede Designer Italian Cup Sole Boots
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