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Tommy Hilfiger Light Blue Embossed Womens Flip Flop Sandals

This light and fun Tommy Hilfiger flip flop is available in a new colour – light blue with a white and silver embossed footbed. The embossed pattern features the Tommy Hilfiger logo in white with silver hearts.

The branding is also embossed on the strap, and the leather in the centre carries the signature flag logo plaque. The straps are made of breathable webbed fabric attached to the contoured rubber sole with the toe post.

Tommy Hilfiger Light Blue Embossed Womens Flip Flop Sandals

Additional description

Warm weather calls for the lightest of shoes – the flip flop. This Tommy Hilfiger embossed sandal raises flip flops to a higher level. While still easy to wear and lightweight, the white and silver embossed footbed, cleated rubber sole, contrasting mid sole, and classic branding elevate this shoe far beyond basic. The straps are constructed of webbed fabric designed to be weightless and breathable. The EVA that makes up the sole is lightweight as well, but will withstand years of use.

Sandals are the oldest form of shoe known to man. The shoe we now refer to as the flip flop, a flat sole held to the foot by a Y-strap, has been traced back as far as ancient Egypt in 1500 BC. The modern design was born from the Japanese zori, which is a similar construction with a rectangular sole. Flip flops gained their current name and saw their popularity boom in both the US and England in the 1960s. The name is an onomatopoeia mimicking the sound the shoe makes when walked in.

While most see the flip flop as an extremely casual shoe to be slipped on and off as needed, Tommy Hilfiger has a tradition of raising the bar for style. Cheaper flip flops offer little support and fall apart quickly. This shoe is sturdier, more comfortable, and infinitely more fashionable.

The flip flop is a casual shoe. Wear it with shorts or skirts during warm weather. This sandal will go well with other light colours, or as a contrast to darker clothes. Try pairing it with breezy, soft fabrics for a relaxed feel. You can also slip these on to walk to the pool or beach in your swimsuit. Flip flops are convenient and versatile and will make a fun addition to any summer outfit.

Tommy Hilfiger Light Blue Embossed Womens Flip Flop Sandals Tommy Hilfiger Light Blue Embossed Womens Flip Flop Sandals