Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Lightweight Navy Blue Running Trainer

Ultralight Tommy Hilfiger trainer in midnight navy blue leather with iconic red / white / blue side stripe.

Made on a contoured EVA white sole with Hilfiger branded rear.

Mesh front with synthetic suede side panels and rear. Padded collar with removable foam insole.

Tommy Hilfiger Lightweight Navy Blue Running Trainer

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Running shoes are called so because they are meant to accompany you during your running sessions. That said, they can also be your best friend on a busy work day or during a night out with friends, thanks to the big brands which took the simple trainer and turned it into a street fashion staple. One of these versatile shoes is the Tommy Hilfiger running trainer, which provides the ultimate comfort paired with an amazing design. 

Tommy Hilfiger is a world-wide known brand for its high quality apparel. Established in 1985, the company has been reinventing the preppy style by offering a modern twist to classic designs. One of these classic designs is the running shoe, which has seen a huge popularity in the last years, as more and more designers turned them from functional shoes to fashion statement shoes. 

The ultralight Tommy Hilfiger running trainer features a lace up design with an elegant, yet athlethic look. The white rubber sole is made on a contoured EVA, which ensures maximum comfort, both during running and walking. Your comfort is doubled by the removable foam insole and the mesh front with synthetic suede side panels and rear, which allow your feet to breathe. The padded collar of these low cut shoes supports your ankle, making every move painless during walking and running. Tommy trainers come in the brand's iconic shade of navy and feature the TH logo on the side. 

Running shoes are made for running, but the ultralight Tommy Hilfiger running trainers can also be worn daily. If you invest in them for running, you shouldn't be wearing them for daily walking, but if you just want to stay comfortable, you can make the most out of these shoes.

Wear your trainers with a pair of jeans and a shirt for a relaxed, casual look for a night out with your friends or a walk in the park. Trainers can go well with denim and chinos of pretty much every color. For a summer look pair your Tommy Hilfiger running trainers with beige chinos or go for a more colored look by wearing blue shorts with trainers.

When you want to sport a stylish look you can wear your trainers with dark skinny jeans and a bomber jacket. This outfit is going to keep you comfortable, without having to compromise on style. Tommy Hilfiger is famous for its preppy image - you can play along the lines and pair the trainers with white chinos and a sweater or a blazer. When you want to let your trainers do the talking just wear them with simple cuts. 

The Tommy Hilfiger running trainer is one of those versatile, high quality shoes you need in your wardrobe. They work with both casual and smart casual outfits and can be dressed up or down, which makes them a great investment.

Tommy Hilfiger Lightweight Navy Blue Running Trainer Tommy Hilfiger Lightweight Navy Blue Running Trainer
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