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Waxy Tan Italian Chukka Boots with Rubber Sole

Exclusive to Arthur Knight, this ladies two eyelet chukka boot is hand made in the famous Marche region of Italy. It features a plain rounded toe, a two-eyelet lacing system that supports durable waxed brown laces, and is fully leather lined with a padded sole. 

The gorgeous tan hand burnished colouring means that this sophisticated boot can be worn with an array of casual outfits and is bound to turn heads no matter where you go.

Waxy Tan Italian Chukka Boots with Rubber Sole

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Any girl-about-town will be thrilled to wear this lightweight, comfortable and stylish waxy Italian leather Chukka boot.

Exclusive to Arthur Knight, this sexy yet robust ladies boot is made from supple waxy tan leather and is hand made with love and care in the beautiful region of Marche, Italy. Chukka boots have a long and interesting history, with roots in the game of Polo. In Polo, the 'chukker' refers to a period of play, which is said to be where the name originates. Don't worry, nobody is expecting you to leap onto your horse ready for a friendly match. Chukka boots have evolved over the years to become the height of smart casual attire for both city and country goers.

This sophisticated ladies Chukka features a pair of eyelets that support hand waxed brown laces. This means you can tighten and loosen the boot to suit your preferences. It is also fully leather lined, giving it extra durability and comfort. It has a Dainite style premium dark brown rubber sole that's designed to withstand many weather conditions, so whether you're splashing about in the rain while doing your festive shopping, or walking around a grassy festival in the summer heat, you can be assured of longevity.

The 29mm heel is low enough to be ultra easy to walk in, but just the right height to give the boot some feminine shape. Given the colour of this ladies ankle boot, we feel sure you'll be able to wear it with a whole host of outfits. Team it up with a smart pair of slim fit denim jeans that tuck neatly into the boot, along with an oversized burgundy jumper, mustard scarf, relaxed cap and bangle bracelet. Alternatively, choose a pair of black cotton tights, burgundy skater dress and denim jacket.

Waxy Tan Italian Chukka Boots with Rubber Sole Waxy Tan Italian Chukka Boots with Rubber Sole
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