Waxy Tobacco Italian Mens Designer Boots

The waxy tobacco Italian men's designer boot is a stylish, smart casual men's desert boot with a lot of character and charm. It features an eye-catching lacing system and is made from extremely rare material with a stitched down construction. The interior leather lining is especially comfortable, meaning you can wear this boot all day long. 

There's also a black commando style rubber sole that will be sure to stand the test of time.

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Waxy Tobacco Italian Mens Designer Boots

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Grab yourself a pair of these high quality waxy tobacco desert boots by Kebo and be sure to stand out from the crowd. This incredibly stylish desert boot is made in Italy and constructed from expensive and rare material with a stitched down construction.

Desert boots have quite an interesting history. They were invented in 1949 by Nathan Clark who went on to found Clarks Shoes. He was in Cairo at the time with the British army and noticed that the officers needed a boot that they could wear while off duty. He wanted them to be comfortable but also be able to stand in the various terrain without the boot falling apart. Shortly after his pioneering design idea, the boots were showcased at the Chicago shoe fair and were a big hit. Desert boots have been popular ever since.

This waxy tobacco desert boot features hardwearing laces that can assist in tightening or loosening the boot to fit your foot perfectly. There's also full interior leather lining which not only makes the boot easier to wear for long periods, but ensures longevity and durability. The black rubber sole is designed to tackle any terrain, so whether you live in the countryside or inner city, you can be sure that this boot will be reliable.

The simplicity of this boot means that you can wear it with anything. So, if you're going to a smart casual event such as a social BBQ, you could pair this boot with slim fit denim jeans, a roll up checked shirt and leather brown belt. For the Prince Harry look (who is regularly seen wearing desert boots), try straight legged jeans, a leather belt and slim fit black polo shirt with a smart watch.

This men's desert boot is also available in waxy dark brown.

Waxy Tobacco Italian Mens Designer Boots Waxy Tobacco Italian Mens Designer Boots
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