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Wingcap Black Oxford Leather Sole Chapman Shoes

Look sophisticated and refined at your next formal event with this black Oxford Chapman shoe with wingcap broguing. Designed for upmarket, high-end events and occasions, this smart and beautifully crafted men’s shoe features all the markings of a traditional Oxford brogue including a five closed eyelet lacing system and a hand polished upper with classic 2 & 1 punching design.

Pair with your best business suit and wear with pride to any business or formal function.

Wingcap Black Oxford Leather Sole Chapman Shoes

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If you have an event on the horizon that you know you’ll need to impress at, or have a client meeting looming and can’t find a shoe to fit your best business suit, then this classic black oxford brogue chapman shoe is for you. Made from the highest quality leather and created with supreme craftsmanship, this incredibly smart shoe is sure to give you the edge. It features a hand polished black upper with a 5 eyelet closed lacing system supporting fine black laces.

There is also a classic 2 & 1 punching design which is both subtle and interesting. While broguing has not always been considered an aesthetic, with farmers in the 17th and 18th century deliberately perforating their shoes to drain water away, it is now considered the height of sophistication and is a marker of a truly stylish, classic men’s shoe. Unlike cheaper alternatives on the market, this shoe also has a strong and robust Goodyear welted leather sole in tan which not only keeps your foot supported throughout the day, but ensures longevity of the shoe also. That means you spend less in the long run on shoe repair and replacement.

For added luxury, there is interior leather lining and a padded insole for optimal comfort, meaning you can wear this men’s formal shoe for hours and always feel your best. You’ll also notice Champan and Moore branding on the navy insole, giving it that extra touch of class. Formal business suits work best with this Oxford Brogue, especially in navy or black.

Given the colour and subtle design, you’re unlimited as to which style of suit you choose. This men’s Oxford Brogue is also available as a semi brogue and will pair nicely with a navy or black cotton sock.

Wingcap Black Oxford Leather Sole Chapman Shoes Wingcap Black Oxford Leather Sole Chapman Shoes
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