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Ivory White Leather Driving Shoe Moccasins for Men

If you want to turn heads at your next summer social event, then the ivory white leather men's driving moccasin is for you. This rare all-white driving shoe features a comfortable and convenient step-in style, as well as a hand stitched apron upper and folded topline giving it distinction and sophistication.

100% made in Italy and true to the traditional moccasin structure, you can be sure to receive a shoe that is both upmarket and comfortable as well as striking.

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Ivory White Leather Driving Shoe Moccasins for Men

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There's nothing like dressing up a casual outfit with a sleek and vibrant moccasin driving shoe. The moccasin is a slip-on men's shoe with roots in Native American history. In fact, the word "moccasin" itself is derived from the Algonquian word “maskisina”, meaning shoe.

It was worn historically to provide comfort and protection to those living on uneven terrains, with a softer sole than other shoes so that one can feel his feet against the ground. The driving moccasin is an evolved version of the original design, with small nodules embedded into the sole in order to provide a better grip when driving and walking.

Therefore, the sole on this men's moccasin is designed to stand the test of time while giving you optimal comfort throughout the day. This white moccasin driving shoe features supple full grain calf leather and have been exclusively made in Italy for Arthur Knight Shoes. The hand stitched upper with laced topline gives the shoe a clean presentation with a small amount of detail, just enough to draw attention.

We recommend wearing an ivory white moccasin driving shoe in the summer. It works well with a pair of chinos, preferably in navy or dove grey depending on how much you want them to stand out, with a simple button-up shirt. The chinos can be pulled up to ankle length to draw attention to the shoe. You can also wear white moccasins with well fitting chino shorts, preferably that sit above the knee. There is no need to wear any socks, but if you do, we recommend you contrast the colour so that you don't lose the shape of the shoe.

This stylish moccasin is one of twenty colours we have available, so you can even select a couple of other pairs to team up with your favourite outfits. 

Ivory White Leather Driving Shoe Moccasins for Men Ivory White Leather Driving Shoe Moccasins for Men
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